About the AZGS Document Repository

The Arizona Geological Survey (AZGS) Document Repository serves the Arizona public, mining and aggregate industry, environmental groups, water managers, and local, state and federal government by providing geologic information on the nature and geologic setting of Arizona.

This repository comprises a suite of 15 collections hosting geologic bulletins, reports and maps published by the Arizona Geological Survey and its predecessor agencies:  Arizona Bureau of Geology and Mineral Technology (1977-1988), Arizona Bureau of Mines (1915-1977), and The University of Arizona Bureau of Mines (1893-1915). 

Note.  Most AZGS publications are technical in nature and require some knowledge of geologic concepts and principles, and geologic maps to fully appreciate.  The Down-to-Earth series is a notable exception; DTEs expound on popular topics suitable for high-school and college earth-science students, as well as adults who want to learn more about the fascinating world of geology, including the Earth, its history, resources and processes.

Document Repository Collections*  

(in order of decreasing number of publications)

  • Open-File Reports (OFR)
  • Bulletin (B)
  • Digital Geologic Maps (DGM)
  • Contributed Maps (CM)
  • Digital Maps (DM)
  • Oil & Gas (OG)
  • Arizona Mines and Mineral Resources (ADMMR)
  • Poster Publications
  • Circulars (C )
  • Map Series (M)
  • Miscellaneous Maps (MM)
  • Digital Information (DI)
  • Down-to-Earth Series (DTE)
  • Geologic Investigation Folio (GI)
  • Troy L Péwé Environmental Geology

* See the AZGS Product Key for descriptions of each AZGS publication series (i.e., collections).

Search Engine.  The repository hosts a robust search engine that permits complex universal or by-collection searches employing keywords, place, temporal keywords (e.g., Holocene), author, and/or publication date.

Contact.  Michael Conway, Chief, Geologic Extension Service, Arizona Geological Survey, Tucson, Arizona.  Michael.conway@azgs.az.gov | 520.209.4146