Arizona Geological Survey Special Paper

Published: 1991
10 map plates. Once it is scanned, the report will be uploaded.
Resource Identifiers: SP-08

Published: 2021
This study provides an updated, field-checked landslide inventory for the portion of the I-17 corridor where landslides are known to occur. We were aware of extensive landslide complexes along I-17...
Resource Identifiers: Special Paper #12

Published: 1997
From the Abstract: "The study area, a classic metamorphic core complex, actually shows the characteristic features of such complexes only at the southern end of the range and grades into...
Resource Identifiers: Monograph in Mineral Resource Science

Published: 1978
A guidebook to the geology of Central Arizona. Compiled for the 74th Cordilleran Section Meeting Geological Society of America at Arizona State University, Tempe Arizona. Includes 13 field trip...
Resource Identifiers: Special Paper 2

Published: 1977
The White Mountains in east-central Arizona were the site of middle to late Cenozoic volcanism. The lava flows, volcaniclastic, and epicIastic rocks can be separated into two age groups: the...
Resource Identifiers: Special Paper 1

Published: 1990
The 86th annual meeting of the Cordilleran Section of the Geological Society of America was held in Tucson, Arizona in March 1990. The occasion provided an opportunity for geologists studying...
Resource Identifiers: AZGS Special Paper 7

Published: 2017
This hydrogeologic report describes a Phase-II study to investigate and characterize groundwater resources in the southeastern East Salt River Valley (ESRV) area, referred to as the Superstition...
Resource Identifiers: SP-11

Published: 2015
Historic drilling data in the Holbrook basin of east-central Arizona indicate a potash resource of 0.68 to 2.5 billion metric tons. The potash, located many hundreds of feet underground, is present...
Resource Identifiers: Special Paper #9 Chapter 9

Published: 2016
Strong international demand and high potash prices have prompted a number of companies to conduct or plan potash exploration in the already productive Paradox Basin of southeastern Utah. In...
Resource Identifiers: Special Paper #9, Chapter 8

Published: 1987
Lateral bank erosion and channel instability along the ephemeral streams of the Rillito Creek system have posed greater hazards to the Tucson metropolitan area than has overbank flooding. The...
Resource Identifiers: SP-6

Published: 1987
The 100th annual meeting of The Geological Society of America (GSA) was held in Phoenix, Arizona in October 1987. The occasion presented an opportunity for the organizing committee to provide,...
Resource Identifiers: SP-5

Published: 2015
The San Pedro River flows through the rugged landscape of San Pedro Valley from the U.S. – Mexico border to its confluence with the Gila River at Winkelman (Figure 1). The river has incised (...
Resource Identifiers: AZGS Special Paper #10

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