Arizona Geological Survey Bulletins

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Published: 1954
Assume that the prospector has found a promising outcrop, mineralized zone, or geological structure, indicating the possibility of an ore deposit, and that he has properly located and recorded a...
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Geological Survey Bulletin No.164
Mineral Technology Series No. 48

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Published: 1955
Great mineral wealth has been paramount in the development of Arizona. It has attracted attention since the first Spanish explorations of the Southwest. The lure of precious metals brought many of...
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Geological Bulletin No. 165
Mineral Technology Series No. 49

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Published: 1966
The most important antimony mineral of commerce is stibnite (antimonite, antimony glance, gray antimony, or antimony sulfide). Beginners practicing the following tests should use antimony sulfide...
Resource Identifiers: Geological Bulletin No. 175

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Published: 1967
The kaleidoscopic nature of Arizona's scenery, climate, vegetation, water supply, wild life, and industry is due fundamentally to contrasting geologic circumstances. Highway travel provides an...
Resource Identifiers: Geological Survey Bulletin No. 176

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Published: 1969
This study concerns the distribution, geologic character, probable extent, and potential economic importance of those various mineral substances that have been found to occur within the Gila River...
Resource Identifiers: Geological Bulletin No. 179

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Published: 1917
Nearly all the known varieties of gems and precious stones are found in the United States, and several varieties are found in Arizona. Little systematic mining has been carried on for them, and no...
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Bulletin No. 48
Mineral Technology Series No. 17

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Published: 1926
The following report is based upon an investigation made for the purpose of obtaining from the Payson region, or Green Valley mining district, geological data. that might be of interest to mining...

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Published: 1938
The Tombstone district is in the Tombstone Hills, a group of scattered mountains that extend northwestward from the Mountains in which the Bisbee district is located. Tombstone is near the...
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Geological Survey Bulletin No.143
Geological Series No.10

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Published: 1925
This bulletin contains the principal data available as to the succession of rocks in Arizona and the general structural features in most portions of the State. It presents many new facts obtained...
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Bulletin No. 119
Geological Series No. 3

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