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Published: 2012
This publication includes a booklet of data from all recorded oil, gas, helium, and geothermal wells and from other deep wells. Two maps accompany the booklet. One is a map of the entire State that...
Resource Identifiers: OG-12

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Published: 1987
This is the first in what is planned to be a series of regional, electric-log cross sections in Arizona. An effort was made to use logs of similar types, but this was not always possible. One well...
Resource Identifiers: OG-32

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Published: 2007
Chart displaying information regarding location, age, stratigraphy and production of oil and gas fields in Arizona.
Resource Identifiers: OG-35

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Published: 1989
Fault-block mountains and broad valleys characterize the Yuma area of southwestern Arizona. Fewer than 20 oil test holes have been drilled in an area of more than 450 mi2 (page 2). Recently...
Resource Identifiers: OG-33

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